plamelt mini


Silent operation

Fulfilled low acoustic noise about 70 ~72dB

More powerful

Improved processing capacity by installing 11kw motor


Need only 1.3㎡ for installation, so you can set it everywhere!

Upgraded durability

Adopted dust-proof construction for bearing



1) It is possible to reduce volume of plastic materials to about from 1/5 to 1/30.
2) Plastics become melting and solidified condition like small sticks due to its thermoplasticity, so it’s possible to recycle them.
3) It is so safe because plastics are processed by only friction heat (non-use heater) and possible to make the running cost low.
4) It is possible to process if some foreign materials (papers, clothes etc.) are included in plastics.
5) It minimizes bad smell by processing low-temperture melting.
6) It makes operating efficiency up because it has a hopper with a space for plastic materials.
7) It is easy to operate and do maintenance because of simple structure.
8) Compact size, lightweight and free transferal by wheels attached.